Weekly Updates

Week 10 Term 2

3rd July-7th July

  • Last week of Term 2 already. Time flies when you are having fun.
  • For Inquiry M3 have been busy looking at where does all the plastic go? Some have really gone above and beyond, most have their presentations on their device, and have been working with buddies.
  • Many of us have found some of our discoveries a bit overwhelming and we are also looking at how we can make a difference. Which ties into our mission of getting the compost up and running efficiently at school.
  • Maths -Measurement
  • Reading-Roald Dahl
  • Writing- Free choice/any genre
  • Movie-Matilda By Roald Dahl on Friday

Have a safe and happy holiday.
See you in Term 3!

Week 8 Term 2

19th June-23rd June

  • Chloe, Grace and Emily collect the compost buckets from around the school twice a week and empty them into the compost bins. They have noticed that for a school our size there isn't a lot of composting going on, and people are putting plastic in the buckets.
  • Last week M3 started collecting our gladwrap from our lunches each day and rolling it into a ball. See photo below from only Day 4.
  • As a class we are going to have a look at where plastic ends up on the planet and how we can create a better awareness at Whangaparaoa school on composting.
  • Bikes on Friday 🚴 
  • Library Thursday 📚

Week 7 Term 2

12th June-16th June

  • This week we will be revisiting the E-Learning ORCA Values. Please see below 👀
  • Calendar Art this week- Kiwiana theme
  • More metaphors
  • Please continue to learn times tables to 12x and spelling words
  • Library Day Thursday
  • Have a look at Epic books and find something to read online
  • Practice your typing skills with the hippo on Dancemat typing

Week 6 Term 2

6th June-9th June

Bike riding Friday!  ðŸš´ 

  • Inquiry- We will be making bread rolls (recipe on the home page) and our own butter on Thursday. The focus will be to look at the changes when the yeast is added, the rising of the dough and the transformation after being cooked (heat). The class will then form their own questions/wonderings on changing matters, to then go on their own journey of discovery
  • Matariki- (Maori New Year) We are doing a small sub Inquiry about Matariki, using devices and books to find out about this special celebration.
  • Maths- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Please learn your times tables up to 12x. This holds you back in Year 5/6 if you don't know them instantly.
  • Writing- Writing clear and specific instructions for making bread rolls and butter. Haiku. Metaphors- It's a jungle in here! 😅
  • Spelling- Words to learn from essential spelling lists or draft writing books. Those who can spell are learning how to spell, and the meanings of new words to add to their own vocabulary. (a small few still need a notebook)
  • Reading- Finishing off reading Roald Dahl novels and novel studies. Researching Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake (illustrator). Library Thursday!
A busy week ahead!

Week 5 term 2

29th May-2nd June

Thank you for coming to the Learning Celebration evening. It was really nice to observe you with your children and I was very proud of them all for their presentations.😄

Class photo Tuesday

  • We will be finishing off our Tapa art this week, it looks amazing.
  • Starting off the week with problem solving for maths
  • Matariki (Maori new year) and poi with Mrs Palmer on Tuesday
  • Creative Writing
  • We are bike riding on Friday so bring your shoes
  • See note below for parent evening on E-Learning

  • E-LEARNING MEETING on Wednesday 31 May from 6.30 to 7.30pm in the school staffroom there will be a parent information evening presenting how we are progressing on our journey with e-Learning. The agenda for the evening will be: - What we have achieved so far!
  • - Teacher tools.
  • - Google Apps for Education.
  • - Student tools for learning - sites / apps.
  • - Good sites for learning at home.
  • - The SAMR model for integrating technology.

Week 4 Term 2

22nd May-26th May
  • Main focus for this week is our Learning Celebration time shared with parents on Wednesday 24th May
  • Please note students go home at 12.30 on Wednesday
  • Hoping to start our Tapa art this week
  • Netball skills 
  • Library as usual on Thursday
  • Congratulations to Indi and her family who have a new baby boy. We are looking forward to having a cuddle 🍼
Have a great week!
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday

Week 3 Term 2

15th May-19th May

  • We had such a cool week last week with all the science experiments. We now need to decide what it is we want to find out more about. What things we wondered about, and where we want to take our learning further.
  • Busy week this week preparing for 'The Learning Celebration' next week on Wednesday the 24th May. Children go home at 12.30 that day.
  • Everyone is reading a Roald Dahl novel and completing a study based on the book they have read.
  • Big focus on subtraction and learning times tables.
  • Netball skills are our focus this week.
  • Everyone needs a notebook for spelling please.
  • Whole school assembly Friday 2.20pm

Week 2 Term 2

8th May-12th May
  • Inquiry-Change-Science-We started our Vertical Learning Community (T1, T2, T3, T4, M3 & M4) science rotation today where each teacher is introducing a different science experiment. 
  • Don't forget our Learning Celebration on Wednesday 24th May. Children go home at 12.30pm on this day. Book your time as your child will be working really hard to get organised for this.
  • Spelling-notebooks please
  • We are almost finished our book 'Boy Overboard" By Morris Gleitzman.  This has been an interesting read and raised an awareness about refugees. Book 2 is 'Girl Underground' by the same author. 
Have a great week!

Nau mai, haere mai

Welcome back for Term 2

Week 1 Term 2:
1st May - 5th May

What's happening this term?
  • Writing: Explanation
  • Spelling: Essential words/words from Draft books/spelling rules  
  • Maths: Strand-Measurement (Learn x tables please)
  • Reading: Roald Dahl
  • Inquiry: Change with a Science focus
  • PE: Big ball skills
  • Art: Tapa

  • We are still reading 'Boy Overboard' By Morris Gleitzman and it is getting very exciting.
  • Can everyone please have a notebook to use at school by next week.
  • We are bike riding on Friday afternoon, so bring shoes. 🚴 
  • Whole school assembly Friday 2.20pm

Waterwise Cancelled 12th April


Week 11 Term 1

10th April-13th April

  • This week we will be reading and writing a lot about 'The ANZACs', which has really sparked an interest in some of the boys. 
  • We are finishing up our statistics work in maths. 
  • To celebrate our novel study on 'Holes' By Louis Sachar we will be viewing the movie with M4 on Thursday. Then making a comparison between the movie and the book.
  • We are having a shared morning tea with M4 on Thursday also, to celebrate a fabulous Term 1.
  • Waterwise on Wednesday 12th April 10.45am-12.00 noon.  We need some helpers please if you are able to.

Have a wonderful Easter and holiday break.  I hope the Easter Bunny is kind. See you back at school for Term 2 on the 1st May.

Thursday 13th April shared morning tea with M4 and the movie 'Holes'

Week 10 Term 1

3rd April-7th April

  • We have finished reading "Holes' By Louis Sachar and I have started reading 'Boy Overboard' By Morris Gleitzman.  This story is about a family from Afghanistan fleeing their country and becoming refugees. 
  • We were lucky enough to have Liam's mum come in and put Liam's grandmother on speaker phone to talk to the children about being a refugee from Poland in 1981. It was really interesting listening and talking to her. Some great questions were asked and it was so relevant to the book we are reading, and the line of Inquiry some children have taken.  Thank you Liam and Monika for sharing that with us.
  • The last two weeks of this term we will be finishing off everything, ready for Term 2. We will continue on with our usual Reading, Writing and Maths programme
  • Essential spelling lists have been tested and everyone knows what words they need to learn. No more than 5 a week. 
  •  We are hoping for a Waterwise catch up on Wednesday 12th April 10.45am-12.00 noon 
  • Have a great week! 😎

Week 9

Waterwise: Wednesday 29th March


Ike, Jack and Joel are representing our school at the Inter-school swimming sports this week. Good Luck boys! 🏊

Week 8 Term 1 (already)

20th March- 24th March

  • Fantastic to see so many of you at the Gala, we raised just over $30,000.00
  • As part of our Inquiry we have just read 'The Sneetches' By Dr Seuss. This has instigated some great discussion, and 'discrimination' has been a hot topic. This has proven to be quite difficult to comprehend. We will be looking into ways we experience discrimination in our lives today, so any feedback you can share with your child to bring to class will be greatly appreciated.
  • Speaking of Sneetches, M3 have created the most adorable Sneetches. There is a photo of them on the home page.
  • Reading, Writing and Maths are all go and we are very fortunate to have Marnie our Learning Assistant help with these subjects.
  • We are so close to finishing 'Holes' By Louis Sachar.
  • Waterwise is on Wednesday 22nd from 10.30-11.30am
  • Have a great week! 😎

The week ahead for Week 7 Term 1
  • We welcome Marnie McDonald  our Learning Assistant, who will be working with us in the morning blocks.
  • Kevin's extension Maths group starts this week.
  • For Maths we are continuing on with our statistical investigations and will delve into Place Value. At year 5 and 6 it is very useful to know their Times Tables up to 12x
  • Last week M3 signed up to Epic Books.  There is so much to choose from on there, and I have a dashboard that shows me how much they have been reading. So Read! Read! Read! M3.
  • There will be PAT catch ups this week for those who missed any.
  • Thank you to all those who came and helped or supported at the swimming sports last Thursday.  In case you haven't heard M3 won by a very close 1 point.
  • M3's Library day is Thursday

Important Dates for this Week:
  • Last swimming session at the Leisure Centre -Tuesday 11.00am-11.30am
  • Gala Saturday 18th March

The Week ahead for week 6 Term 1

·      Final PAT complete Monday!
·      We will be looking at conducting our own statistical investigations this week. This will involve collating data and displaying it by using a variety of graphs.
·      We will continue to explore using devices in useful ways. All M3 children are signed up to Study Ladder and some clever clogs have figured out how to transfer their previous points over.
·      For writing we are looking at extending our vocabulary and have banned using the word nice.
·      I am still reading ‘Holes’ By Louis Sachar to the class. This is a very special part of our day.

Important Dates for this week:
6th March-10th March

  • Bring your wheels for the bike track!   

  • ·      Tuesday 7th March -Swimming at the Leisure Centre 11.00am-11.30am

  • ·      Thursday 9th March- Year 5 & 6 Swimming Sports at the Leisure Centre

  • ·      First ‘Passion Friday’ –10th march

  • ·      Gala Mufti Day –Friday 10th March

  • ·     Gala-Gala-Gala Saturday 11th March

The Week ahead for Week 5 Term 1

It's a busy week with PAT assessments to inform our teaching and learning for the year ahead.
We will be looking closely at our school values this week.  They are on our Blog home page so please have a look. Our Inquiry questions this week will be based on What is a community? and What makes our community unique?  We searched the school website today and hopefully everyone has managed to bookmark the page and can show you our Blog (which is why you are here😃) 
Have a fabulous week.

Important Dates for this Week
27th Feb-3rd March

Tuesday: Swimming at the Leisure Centre
                   1.00pm-1.30pm 😎😎

Bike Track opening: Wednesday 2.20pm
Thursday: Waterwise 12.00-1.00pm 🌞🌞

M3 Library Day is Thursday

Gala mufti day: Friday -sweets for girls/savouries for boys please.
Gala 11th March

Mondays are our pool and water slide days, so bring your togs and a towel 👍

Bring in devices from Monday 20th February 😎

Swimming at the Leisure Centre
This Week:
Wednesday  22nd February
1pm-1.30pm  ðŸ’§

Mufti Day Friday 24th February
Bring a bottle of something please.
Alcohol to the office 👌

Gala 11th March

Year 5/6 swimming sports Thursday 9th March